Social Networks and Online Communities

Understanding the risks, impacts, motivators, and benefits of online information sharing.

Research Projects

CAREER: Advancing Remote Collaboration: Inclusive Design for People with Dementia
Principal Investigator(s): Amanda Lazar
Funder: National Science Foundation
Research Areas: Health Informatics > Human-Computer Interaction > Social Networks and Online Communities
Technology increasingly provides opportunities to interact remotely with others. People with cognitive impairment can be excluded from these opportunities when technology is not designed with their needs, preferences, and abilities in mind.
The Role of Emotions in Sociopolitical Polish and Lithuanian Social Media
Principal Investigator(s): Susannah Paletz
Funder: US Office of Naval Research
Research Areas: Social Networks and Online Communities
This project, run through ARLIS, investigates how emotion impacts information propagation and sharing in Polish and Lithuanian social media. Teams of in-country annotators independently assess each post, including all multimedia content, for over 22 distinct emotions inclusively on 0 to 100 scales--meaning that the same post will have different scores for different emotions. We will conduct multi-level statistical analyses of the impact of emotions, specific topics, and account and message features on social media sharing and engagement.

Recent News

Screenshot of Dr. Cody Buntain and Voice of America interviewer

Dr. Cody Buntain Appears on Voice of America to Discuss the Taliban’s Use of Twitter

Research showing how the Taliban leveraged Twitter, and Twitter’s limited management of this, was shared with Voices of America’s global audi …
words "fake news" super imposed over hand holding cell phone.

Dr. Cody Buntain Wins $999K DARPA Grant to Study Social Media in Conflict Zones

Cody’s work will develop models to predict where influence efforts by actors might emerge online.
twitter logo on cell phone

How Taliban Used Twitter to take over Afghanistan

Dr. Cody Buntain looks at how the Taliban made effective use of Twitter to engage with and manipulate international and domestic audiences.