Alumni Network

The INFO College Alumni Network promotes and supports the UMD College of Information (INFO), encourages academic and professional prominence, facilitates career development, inspires a spirit of loyalty, and fosters lasting connections that create a beneficial network of INFO graduates from all our degree programs.


With other alumni and friends of the INFO College

With events at the school and university

Meaningful ways to give back to the INFO College and help the next generation of Terps

The many personal benefits offered through the Alumni Association (e.g., amazing discounts through Terp Deals)

What does it mean to be part of the INFO Alumni Network?

“Being a member of the Alumni Network has given me an opportunity to stay involved in the INFO college and to support new cohorts of students. Although we do many things as an alumni group, each time we give a scholarship to a student or sponsor a student event, I am particularly reminded of the importance of our work as Alumni Network members.” ~ Tori Weaver, MIM, class of 2005

“For me, being a member of the Alumni Chapter isn’t just about fundraising, it’s also about being a part of a community. From social events to educational webinars, I really appreciate the opportunities that being a chapter member provides to be involved with the INFO College and other alumni.” ~ Megan Fratta, MLS, class of 2016

Our mission is to promote and support the UMD INFO College, encourage academic and professional prominence, facilitate career development, inspire a spirit of loyalty, and foster lasting connections that create a beneficial network of UMD INFO graduates from all our degree programs.

The INFO Alumni Network Members help organize and fund activities that:

  • Foster professional development opportunities for alumni
  • Connect alumni with current students and faculty
  • Organize alumni networking and social events
  • Build and maintain support for the INFO College through industry partnerships
  • Provide or facilitate mentoring, capstone, field study, and internship opportunities for students
  • Provide INFO students with enhanced academic programming opportunities, scholarships, and student event sponsorships
  • Provide alumni networking events, social events, and professional development grants