Living-Learning Programs

The University of Maryland’s Living and Learning Programs are unique programs that integrate academics into student living space. Students have the opportunity to live in the same residence hall as fellow members of their Living and Learning Program, forging friendships while simultaneously exploring academic interests. Living and Learning Programs cover areas ranging from engineering to creative writing, and many programs involve a central research activity or project. The INFO College sponsors two living learning programs:

Health Justice

A gavel with the word justice on it next to a stethoscope.Join us as we investigate health justice, which is the conviction and enactment of the idea that every person is morally entitled to a fair chance at a healthy life. Our overarching goal in this course is to work together to promote health justice for all by devising, creating, and implementing solutions that can facilitate people’s access to health information and improve their abilities to find, assess, and make use of information in order to optimize their own and others’ health. Health Justice is a program offered by Carillon Communities.

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Data Justice

Data Justice (DJ) provides students an opportunity to interrogate the biases that are built into information collection, design, and analysis. Students explore how specific values are coded into datasets, algorithms, AI-driven systems, machine learning models, and other sociotechnical systems. They gain advanced data-related skills that will serve them in a wide variety of careers that aim to make the world a better place through information. DJ is a program offered by College Park Scholars.

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