KidsTeam: Youth Tech Co-Design


The University of Maryland KidsTeam brings together children ages 7-11, researchers, and technologists to co-design technologies that support children’s learning and play.

Because of their long tenure, KidsTeam kids are experts in more than being kids, they are experts in collaborating with adults and other kids, in prototyping techniques, and in communicating their ideas. KidsTeam research enhances our understanding of intergenerational design techniques and how to build technologies that are more relevant to children’s interests and needs.

In addition to academic research, KidsTeam regularly partners with companies, such as Nickelodeon, to develop or fine-tune products for youth. If you are a business or organization that would like to contract KidsTeam to support your youth technology design goals, please contact Dr. Beth Bonsignore, Director of KidsTeam.

Email Dr. Beth Bonsignore

Watch KidsTeam kids in action as they co-design the new toy “Brain Bridges”

by Danielle Begnaud, Pratt Institute Industrial Design Student & KidsTeam Partner


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