Anat Sevilla Photo

Anat Szendro Sevilla


Anat Szendro Sevilla is a Visual & UX Designer and an instructor. She is interested in the intersection of visual arts, UX design, creativity, and teaching. Her training brings together academic studies and professional experience in visual design. She completed her Bachelor of Design from Israel’s leading art and design university, The Bezalel Academy. She gained her Master’s in HCI from the University of Maryland (UMD) College of Information Studies in 2022.

Anat has worked in the visual design industry for more than a decade. Her professional experience spans big advertising firms like TBWA to small branding companies. In 2017 she opened her studio, TukTuk Design, leading design processes and UX/UI projects for various clients. She is a lecturer at the UMD College of Information Studies and also teaches her self-developed class about ‘Creativity through Visual Communication’ at the UMD Design Cultures & Creativity (DCC) center.