Reducing the gender gap in AfD discussions: an evidence scoring approach

The goal of this research is to investigate the impact of Articles for Deletion (AfD) discussions in the gender gap on Wikipedia. Prior work has emphasized the role of collective deliberation processes as potential factors behind the gap in gender representation between women and men on Wikipedia. AfDs offer an open forum for editors to decide whether content meets the criteria for inclusion of the project. To gauge notability, discussants are expected to cite reliable evidence from independent sources outside of Wikipedia. Thus biases in how individual discussants assess notability may perpetuate a gender gap in AfDs. Here we propose to investigate these deliberative processes from the lens of information foraging and develop methods to identify, collect, and score AfD discussions by the type and amount of external evidence used by AfD discussants in assessments of notability. This research could form the basis for the development tools to promote consistent outcomes regardless of gender in deliberations about content inclusion.


7/1/2023 - 6/31/2028

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