Data Privacy and Sociotechnical Cybersecurity

Data Privacy and Sociotechnical Cybersecurity

Examining the human context of privacy and cybersecurity to develop real-world solutions.

Research Projects

The Development of Ethical Cultures in Computer Security Research

Computer security researchers must navigate ethical dilemmas about how to use big data and shared networked resources to discover vulnerabilities; how to safely expose these problems; and how to best ensure that critical vulnerabilities are fixed.

CCE STEM: Standard: Collaborative: The Development of Ethical Cultures in Computer Security Research

Computer security researchers navigate ethical dilemmas about how to use big data and shared networked resources to discover vulnerabilities; how to safely expose vulnerabilities; and how to best ensure that vulnerabilities are fixed.

Enhancing Digital Privacy and Security Skills for Low-Socioeconomic Families: Resources for Librarians and Patrons

The project detailed below responds to the IMLS National Leadership Grants for Libraries (Research grant category) and covers a three-year period from December 2016 to November 2019. The direct audiences for this research grant are economically disadvantaged families in Maryland and the public librarians that serve them.

III:Small:Safely Searching Among Sensitive Content

Today's search engines are designed principally to help people find what they want to see. Paradoxically, the fact that search engines do this well means that there are many collections that can't be searched.

TAACO: Targeted Aptitude Assessment for Cyber Operations

"There's a creepy guy on the other end at Google!": Engaging middle school students in a drawing activity to elicit their mental models of Google

Although youth are increasingly going online to fulfill their needs for information, many youth struggle with information and digital literacy skills, such as the abilities to conduct a search and assess the credibility of online information. In order to investigate youths’ conceptions of the Google search engine, a drawing activity was conducted with 26 HackHealth after-school program participants to elicit their mental models of Google.

Facilitating Health Information Disclosure Online through Privacy Protection

Patient openness to sharing data is critical for the success of big data in healthcare. However, there is a tension between privacy and disclosure.

SaTC: CORE: Medium: Collaborative: BaitBuster 2.0: Keeping Users Away From Clickbait

Social media sites such as Facebook are popular platforms for spreading clickbait, links with misleading titles that do not deliver on their promises. Not only does clickbait waste users' time, it often directs users to phishing sites and sites containing spyware and malware. A large number of users fall victim to scams on social media, including those spread through clickbait, due to both a lack of awareness and a lack of appropriate warnings on social media platforms.

Tapestry: A Tool for Managing Integrated Cyber Risk

Cyber-attacks and the security response are high growth industries projected to exceed $248 billion by 2023

SCC-IRG Track 1: Inclusive Public Transit Toolkit to Assess Quality of Service Across Socioeconomic Status in Baltimore City

This interdisciplinary research effort will advance the state of the art in privacy, survey design, data analytics, transit equity, data-driven civic engagement, and transit simulations; and will create a unique opportunity to understand the interdependencies between these research areas generating new knowledge necessary to ultimately drive QoS transit improvements

CCE STEM: Finding Practices that Cultivate Ethical Computing in Mobile and Wearable Application Research & Development

This project will study academic and commercial software research and development (R&D) to discover factors that encourage discussion and action on ethical challenges.

Collaboration in the Future of Work: Developing Playable Case Studies to Improve STEM Career Pathways

This project aims to serve the national interest by implementing educational simulations to improve career preparation among STEM students. There is a shortage of qualified workers in many STEM careers, including cybersecurity and data science.



Data Privacy and Sociotechnical Cybersecurity News

Dr. Charles Harry Talks About Managing Cyber Risks on The Scientific Sense Podcast

  • Looking at a systems approach to quantifying, prioritizing, and managing risk in critical infrastructure.

UMD iSchool Welcomes Seven New Faculty Members

  • With strengths in library and archives innovation, digital curation, criminal justice data science, socio-technical aspects of cybersecurity and privacy, and mis/information in social networks.

Maryland Today: Clock’s Ticking Until TikTok Ban, But Does It Make Sense?, featuring Jen Golbeck

  • As most social media apps are collecting users' personal data, Jen Golbeck shares why banning TikTok and WeChat won't solve the problem.

Charles Harry Awarded a Maryland Innovation Grant

  • Dr. Harry will use the grant to create a web application for his cybersecurity framework that provides an analytic approach to assessing risk.

More Than Just Privacy: Using Contextual Integrity to Evaluate the Long-Term Risks from COVID-19 Surveillance Technologies

  • Jessica Vitak examines whether users' data is protected on contact tracing apps.

Mic: The Bitcoin scam that hit Twitter could have been way worse, featuring Jen Golbeck

  • Recent Twitter hacks demonstrate how misusage of the platform can be detrimental depending on the goals and timing of the attackers.

CNBC: How the government could ban TikTok — and what else you need to know, featuring Jen Golbeck

  • The US government is considering banning TikTok, one of the most popular apps on the market, due to concerns that the app may be sharing users' personal data.

Press Release: Naeemul Hassan Awarded $228,000 NSF Grant For Collaborative Project

  • Dr. Naeemul Hassan and collaborators aim to design and develop computational models to automatically detect video clickbait. 

Digital Privacy News: Ease of Voice Recognition Technology Brings Great Risks, featuring Jessica Vitak

  • Technology creates additional convenience for users, it poses a threat to their privacy.

Would you make a good Information Detective? Explaining the career of an Open Source Intelligence Professional, featuring Mary Ann Francis

  • Have you ever wondered about privacy and the data that operating systems, search engines, and social networks collect about you?