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Advancing how we build and curate archives through co-design with communities, computational science, and other emerging methodology.


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Image of half closed laptop with glowing red screen.

Shaking Up the Archives: Computational Archival Science Accelerates Historical Research and Digital Readiness

Educators train the next generation of archivists in this interdisciplinary field
A photo of a man handling physical photos at the Hulton Archives

Hulton Archives (iStock)

UMD INFO Faculty to Make Archival Materials More Accessible via Web Search

Diana Marsh and Katrina Fenlon are leading this NSF funded project
Graphic image of people in a classroom both physically and virtually

Image courtesy of ALA LibLearnX

UMD INFO Faculty and Students Lead Presentations at the 2024 ALA LibLearnX Conference

Library practitioners, leaders, and researchers from around the country will gather at this annual event