Ia Kholan Gregory Bull

Ia Kholan Gregory Bull

PhD Student

ᎠᏴ ᎢᏯ ᎪᎳᏄ ᏓᏆᏙᎠ. ᏥᏄᏓᎴ ᏥᏎᎩᏳᏍᏗ ᏥᎦᏚᏩᎩ ᏥᎾᏥᏃ. ᏌᎶᎵ ᎤᎾᏓᏢ ᏂᎦᏘᏲ ᎠᏆᎨᎵ ᎠᏂᏌᎰᏂ ᎨᏟᏙᎯᏃ. ᏓᏫᏍᎦᎵᎯ ᎠᎴ ᎤᎭᎸᏂᎯ ᏧᏂᎦᏴᎵᎨ ᎢᏳᎵᏍᏔᏅ ᎠᏎᏃ ᏓᎵᏆ ᎠᏆᏛᏏᏙᎸᎢ. Ia Bull is a Ph.D. student in the College of Information (iSchool) at the University of Maryland, College Park, and a member of the Squirrel Ridge Gaduwag Ceremonial community in the Cherokee Nation, and the Natchez Nation. They are the lead graduate assistant for the Indigenize SNAC project under their advisor Dr. Diana Marsh, and subsequently is involved in researching archival information access for Indigenous communities, reparative metadata, and linked/open data. Ia is currently a volunteer with Natchez Nation culture and language reclamation initiatives, such as the digital community cultural project Natchez Indigital and has worked on the Mapping Tahlequah History project under Dr. Farina King. They have worked at such institutions as the Gilcrease Museum Helmerich Center for American Research Library/Archive and Digitization Department, the Cherokee Heritage Center Archive, and has interned at the American Philosophical Society Center for Native American and Indigenous Research. Their long-term research goals include finding ways to assist language and cultural reclamation efforts within Information studies.


  • M.L.I.S. & Archival Management Certificate, University of Oklahoma, 2020
  • B.A. in Cherokee Cultural Studies: Language Revitalization, Northeastern State University, 2018