Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities

Developing tools and methods to digitize artifacts such as art and letters, innovate ways for the public to experience these, and discover new knowledge - with particular expertise in collections related to human rights and cultural legacies.

Research Projects

Community-centered Strategies for Sustaining Digital Humanities Scholarship

Principal Investigator(s): Katrina Fenlon
Funder: Other
Funder: Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Identifying strategies that digital humanities research communities may use to contribute to and increase the sustainability of their own digital resources and collections.
Research Areas: Digital Humanities

Towards Identifying Values and Tensions in Designing a Historically-Sensitive Data Platform: A Case of Urban Renewal Documents

Investigator(s): Myeong Lee, Shiyun Chen, Yuheng Zhang
Bringing to light an unseen collection of urban home renewal documents and digitally curating them in an effort to better understand the displacement of minority communities due to modern renovation.

Amplifying the International Research Network for Assessing the Value and Impact of Digitized Ethnographic Archives

Principal Investigator(s): Ricardo L. Punzalan
Creating a workshop connect scholars and archivists pursuing ethnographic impact research, identify and plan collaborative research projects and funding opportunities, and develop a website to showcase collaborative projects, project participants, and resource sharing.



Digital Humanities News

UMD Driskell Center and iSchool Launch New Crowdsourcing Project to Preserve the Work of African American Art Pioneer

  • Hayleigh Moore

    Preserving African American visual art by providing a platform to make the Driskell Papers accessible. 

Brookings: Where Would Racial Progress in Policing be Without Camera Phones? featuring Nicol Turner Lee

  • Nicol Turner Lee

    Technology is becoming part of the story regarding how marginalized populations in the U.S.

MLIS Students Get Hands-on Experience Digitizing Documents

  • Morgan Adle

    MLIS students specializing in Archives and Digital Curation seek hands-on experience digitizing historic material.