Jonathan David Martin

Jonathan David Martin

 3247 A.V. Williams Building

Jonathan David Martin is a researcher, creative director, and performer working at the intersection of immersive technology and live performance.  His work explores the development of new narrative and production approaches to content creation across a range of mediums.

As an XR creator his work has won grants and competitions from Meta (Oculus Launch Pad grantee) and Niantic (Best Shared AR experience).

As the Co-Artistic Director of Smoke & Mirrors Collaborative, he has produced a number of works of live performance, documentary, film, and installation that have been presented at arts festivals and institutions across the US, South Africa, Germany, and the UK.

He is a pioneer in VR performance technique and was a puppeteer in the original Broadway casts of “War Horse” and “Life of Pi.”

At UMD he has been part of the Immersive Media Design faculty since 2021. He is the founding Program Manager of the New Works Incubator, a summer program that supports a range of student immersive media projects from across the UMD community.
His research at UMD includes the interactive dance and robotics project, “DANCExDANCE (Dance Squared),” for which he co-received an Arts AMP grant.