Sociotechnical Cybersecurity (STC) Interest Group

The UMD INFO College is a leader in bringing together faculty, staff, students, and partners to examine and evolve current ideas around sociotechnical cybersecurity (STC). Sociotechnical aspects of cybersecurity considers the human element. STC includes organizational, economic, social, legal, educational, psychological, political, policy, cultural, system, and other approaches engaging the human and technology interactions needed to secure the space, infrastructure, people and systems within the cyber environment. The STC interest group combines this effort in the college’s academics, research, and events.

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Recent News

Photo of a phone with a security alert on its screen

UMD Group Connects Sociotechnical Cybersecurity Thinkers and Leaders

January 11, 2024 | INFO Staff
Bringing together innovators from across academia, industry, and government
Photo of the European Central Bank

European Central Bank Utilizes UMD-Faculty-Founded Cyber Events Database

April 28, 2023 | UMD Staff
Dr. Charles Harry co-developed this database to inform public and private sector decision-makers about cyber threats.
Baby Grogu on the Disney+ TV show, The Mandalorian

Baby Grogu on the Disney+ TV show, The Mandalorian

ARLIS Researchers Find a Way to Measure the “Cute” Factor on Social Media Content (ft. Susannah Paletz)

April 13, 2023 | UMD ARLIS Staff
Social media measurements are key to Susannah Paletz's project funded by the Minerva Research Initiative and the Office of Naval Resear …