12/22/2021Mia K. Hinckle

16 students from across programs have been recognized for excellence in their work and studies.

12/13/2021Hayleigh Moore

Wayfinding through our integrated digital world as a UX research leader.

12/02/2021Hayleigh Moore

How an alumni is working towards improving access to critical online legal resources and striving to close the “justice gap.”

10/28/2021Hayleigh Moore

Gagan Jindal’s unexpected journey to creating a more accessible and meaningful user experience for all.

10/20/2021iSchool News

iSchool PhD student Lydia Curliss co-curated new online exhibit on the relationship between the indigenous Nipmuc communities and settlers.

10/13/2021iSchool News

iSchool PhD student Anna Lenhart & EViD Lab host citizen panel on what values should impact legislation on content moderation of social media sites.

09/29/2021Hayleigh Moore

From interests in public policy and journalism, to a fascination for social media’s influence on entire industries, Priya Kumar “felt like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole.”

09/15/2021Hayleigh Moore

While planning his Master’s degree thesis, Myeong Lee was offered a simple question - "Do you want to build something or understand something?"

08/31/2021Keith Marzullo

Wishing students, staff, and faculty a wonderful and safe Fall semester.