Immigration and International Information Research Alliance (i3r@UMD)

i3r@UMD Website

The Immigration and International Information Research Alliance, or i3r@UMD, is a group of UMD College of Information faculty researchers, graduate students, and staff who investigate and advance immigrants’ information access. Their goal is to:

  1. Produce evidence-based tools to strengthen immigrants’ trust in information.
  2. Offer research support through various gatherings.
  3. Promote information professionals’ awareness of community members’ lived experiences.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Highlighting and investing in immigrants’ and international communities’ information capacities.
  • Understanding the intersection between information, language, cognition, and affective states
  • Studying the history of information flows among immigrant/international communities.
  • Uncovering the impact of migration and integration on children and adolescent development.
  • Redressing the misuse of information tools in framing immigrant and international communities.
  • Exploring information behavior in transnational, cultural, and social contexts–including how individuals change their information behavior in different settings.