Read, Watch, Play: Development of a Pedagogical Approach and Technical Infrastructure to Build Gamification, Game-Based Learning, and Other Hands-On Projects into Courses across Campus

This gamification-focused project aims to develop a pedagogical method and simple, user-friendly online platform that will help faculty in other fields to see the value of and incorporate a “play” element into their teaching. In addition, this project seeks to provide a template that makes it easier for faculty to infuse different resources (e.g., open educational resources, immersive learning
environments, gamification, etc.) into their classes, as that they can tailor to their disciplines.

Project goals:

  1. To support faculty across campus in developing and implementing courses that use multimodal resources and technology-based experiences across the semester.
  2. To support students in productive learning experiences, and curating their own learning trajectories.
  3. To accomplish #1 and #2 by developing a simple digital platform aligned with the pedagogical goals of authentic, playful, and rich learning experiences.

The project is a recipient of a University of Maryland Teaching Innovation Grant, awarded to instructors to help boost teaching practices. This is part of the University of Maryland’s strategic plan to reimagine learning, the program is awarding $1.3 million in grants in 2024 to emphasize the intersection of education and technology, including AI, virtual reality and gamification.

4/17/2024 - 4/16/2027

Principal Investigator(s):

Additional UMD Investigator(s):
Kendall Williams (MATH)

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