10/07/2020Hayleigh Moore

As part of PG County's Vision Zero project, the dashboard will help to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2040.

10/02/2020iSchool News

To bring your district together online, Jen Golbeck suggests creating a safe space, setting guidelines and rules, gaining participation, and making it accessible and equitable. 

09/29/2020Maria Herd

Dr. Frias-Martinez and team are to build an app for Baltimore residents to contribute their ideas and travel data, a public dashboard to view and discuss the data, and a simulator to test the…

09/25/2020iSchool News

Research experts from the UMD iSchool and School of Nursing discuss the use of and access to technology among older adults.

09/24/2020Press Release

Choe, Kacorri, and A. Lazar aim to examine how older adults can personalize activity trackers through teachable interfaces to capture meaningful daily activities.

09/22/2020iSchool News

David teaches classes and conducts research on ways to teach people about computing and ways we can use computing skills to teach others.

09/22/2020iSchool News

Jonathan’s current research interests lie in understanding human health and the sustainability of communities and technologies. 

09/22/2020iSchool News

Leading projects for PERVADE, Sarah’s research focuses on learning about the perceptions of the users whose data is collected. 

09/22/2020iSchool News

Melekte is working with the iSchool Deans to develop solutions to combat the financial repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.