UMD iSchool Announces Spring 2020 Financial Award Winners

iSchool News - April 3, 2020

UMD iSchool Announces Spring 2020 Financial Award Winners

The University of Maryland College of Information Studies (UMD iSchool) is pleased to announce the winners of the Spring 2020 Gloria Davidson Excellence in School Librarianship Award and the UMD iSchool Student Papers and Projects Awards. Congratulations to all of the awardees for their excellent academic performance and contributions.

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Award Winner(s) Program Paper/Project Title
Gloria Davidson Excellence in School Librarianship Award Lauren (Christina) Talcott MLIS n/a
Dean’s Award for an Outstanding iSchool Doctoral Student Paper Gagan Jindal PhD Assessing the Value of an Online Repository of Local Resources for People Who Have Chronic Health Conditions
Dean’s Award for an Outstanding iSchool Project by Undergraduate Students Ebonie Gadson
Peter Han
David Pichardo
Clifton Robertson
BSIS Research Findings and Analysis Report [De-stigmatizing Soldier and Veteran Mental Health]
Dean’s Award for an Outstanding iSchool Project by Graduate Students Team #GraduateGoals:
Andrew Greenman
Brianna Nunez
David Rothbard
Teresa Sites
MLIS #GraduateGoals: Resources for First-Year Graduate Students at UMD
Simmona Simmons Best Student Paper on Diversity Award Sydney Triola MLIS Predictive Policing Software, & Racist Results: Who is responsible, who is complicit and why it matters
Dean’s Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research Achievement Nicole Wesneski BSIS LGBT Inclusivity in Public School Health Education Curriculum
Dr. Joan Giesecke Best Undergraduate Student Paper on Health Informatics Award Satya Gandham BSIS Genomics and the Future of Health
Dr. Joan Giesecke Best Graduate Student Paper on Health Informatics Award Team No Questions Asked:
Jenna Brotsky
Elizabeth Jones
Anna Belle Morrison
Nia Muhammad
Connor Mullane
MLIS Just Google It: Information Barriers and the Rise of Social Media in Crisis Intervention for LGBTQ+ Adults
Laurence B. Heilprin Award (Graduate and Undergraduate Students) BSIS:
Andy Jose Silva
Tahura TurabiMLIS/HiLS:
Hannah Frisch
Margaret Rose Hunt
Genevieve Kocienda
Hannah (Tusannah) Krauss
Mary McKinley
Connor Mullane
Emery Patterson
James Santos
Britton Schams
Hilary Szu Yin Shiue
Mirielle VasselliMIM:
Kanishka Jain
Danish Mir
Mayhah SuriHCIM:
Chenxi Liu
Debashish Pradhan
Jiale Xu

CS (undergrad):
Sarah Agarrat

Varied Reframing Digital Curation Practices through a Computational Thinking Framework

[In his nomination, Richard states, “Extraordinary interdisciplinary 8 week collaborative work involving students in every program in the iSchool learning how to work together on digital projects and working in teams.  Paper was accepted and presented at the IEEE Big Data 2019 Conference in LA on Dec. 11, 2019 and will be published as part of the IEEE Proceedings.  Also, students presented their work at the Digital Curation Students & Filmmaker Event of Oct. 30, 2019”]