Recognizing National STEM/STEAM Day

- November 8, 2022

The INFO College encourages people of all ages to learn about information science.

Image of brain with the words STEM / STEAM

November 8th is National STEM /STEAM Day.  This day is set aside to encourage children to explore their interests in the fields of science, technology, engineering, art, and math. But this type of encouragement could benefit students of all ages. Our faculty at the INFO College have applied their knowledge in the STEM field to encourage the growth of information literacy.  Here are just a few examples of the work that we do.


Dr. Galina Reitz Develops iTAP a Collaborative Project Providing Technology Support to the Senior Community

Local stakeholders and engaged knowledgeable students are eager to teach, support, train and help with basic computer skills.


Info College Faculty and Alumna Publish New Book on Information Literacy and Disinformation

Dr. Paul T. Jaeger co-authored “Foundations of Information Literacy,” the first book to offer frameworks for tackling information literacy and disinformation simultaneously.


Maryland Today: $6M Award From State to Help Extension Bridge Digital Divide

UMD Info College faculty and students join team to develop programs to help underserved urban and rural communities access broadband internet.


New Law Ensures Equivalent Access to Digital Tools for All of Maryland’s K-12 Students

Trace Center Director and iSchool professor Jonathan Lazar contributed to and testified in support of the bill to bring an accessibility requirement into the procurement process for digital educational tools in Maryland’s K-12 schools.


PhD Alumni Spotlight: Empowering Kids and Adults to Design Better Together – Greg Walsh, ‘12

Alumni’s PhD experience inspired the launch of two research groups to develop new technology for youth and other in-need communities.


(Video) Search Mastery Speaker Series: Supporting Children’s Online Information Discovery

Dr. Jerry Alan Fails and Dr. Sole Pera present CAST, a new search engine interface developed to empower emergent searchers and improve their information literacy.


This week-long event engaged students from across the region in cybersecurity, design, and data analytics projects to tackle real-world information challenges.


iSchool Professor Receives $1 Million NSF CAREER Grant to Develop Data Science Curriculum

Dr. David Weintrop will be working with D.C. Public Schools to address inequities in high school data science education.