Curriculum – Master of Professional Studies in Game, Entertainment, and Media Analytics (GEM)

The Master of Professional Studies in Game, Entertainment, and Media Analytics (GEM) degree requires you to complete 30 credit hours of academic work with at least a B average (3.0 GPA). This includes ten (10) three-credit courses. Full-time students complete the program in as little as 18 months. Part-time students can take up to five years to complete the program. To best support your academic goals, please contact the GEM advisor to review your academic goals and objectives.

Program Structure

GEM - 18 Month Sample Academic Plan

Course availability varies each semester, therefore sample plans will vary. If you are interested in setting up an 18-month or longer GEM academic plan, please set up an advising appointment with our Graduate Academic Advisor Dustin Smith:

GEM - Core Requirements (18 Credit Hours)
  • INST661: Introduction to Game, Entertainment, and Media Analytics (3) (Core)
  • INST732: Entertainment Theory (3) (Core)
  • INST627: Data Analytics for Information Professionals (Core)
  • INST754: Data Integration and Preparation for Analytics (3) (Core)
  • INST760: Data Visualization (3) (Core)
  • INST731: Advanced Game, Entertainment, and Media Analytics (3) (Core)
GEM - Electives (12 Credit Hours)
  • INST737: Introduction to Data Science (3) 
  • INST705:  Game Design (3)
  • INST756: Information Risk Management (3)
  • INST751: IoT & Streaming Analytics (3)
  • INST730: Games as Emergent Experiences
  • INST767: Big Data Infrastructure (3)
  • INST617: Computational Journalism (3)
  • INST633: Analyzing Social Networks and Social Media (3)
  • INST723: Managing with Data and Models (3)
  • INST733: Database Design (3)
  • INST750: Advanced Data Science (3)
  • INST752: Location Intelligence (3)
  • INST753: Data Governance and Data Quality (3)
  • INST762: Visual Analytics (3)
  • INST764: Data Literacy for Arts Management (3)



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