College of Information Studies (INFO) courses use the program codes INFM, INST, and LBSC. In order to be eligible for registration, students must have their financial accounts settled and have no holds on their account. Please note that Student Services does not have access to your student bill or holds. All questions about your student billing account and holds must be directed to the Student Financial Services and Cashiering.

Registration for Current Students
  1. Plan your schedule…
    • When preparing for registration, refer to the four-year plan to help organize your class schedule. Be sure to have prepared alternate schedules in the event that a planned course is unavailable.
    • Students who do not have a Mandatory Advising block should check on Testudo that no other block is on their account. Otherwise they are ready to register.
  2. Students who have Mandatory Advising this semester will be invited to an ELMS space to facilitate that process.
    • Please login to ELMS for step by step instructions for resolving a Mandatory Advising block.
    • The student will be expected to submit a complete draft of their InfoSci 4 Year/Academic plan.
    • The 4-Year Plan must be completed prior to the advising session.
    • Review your degree audit on to ensure you have all of your Gen Eds complete, or listed in your 4-year plan to be completed.
    • Follow the INST co-requisite & prerequisite list to ensure you meet all INST course requirements.
  3. Register for classes.
    • Please login to Testudo to check the day and time you will be registering, also known as your registration appointment.
    • Ready to register? Consult the University Schedule of Classes and register for undergraduate and graduate classes through Testudo, the University of Maryland registration portal.
Registration for Non-InfoSci Majors
  1. Non-InfoSci majors will be unable to register for INST courses until the first day of Schedule Adjustment, and may only enroll in INST courses with permission from the instructor of the course.
  2. The instructor must e-mail the Undergraduate Student Services Office directly.* This process does NOT guarantee permission to enroll. Permission may be granted pending the availability of seats in the course.
Pre-Skills Preparation (Optional)

The following resources can help you to prepare for the courses you will be taking in the InfoSci program.



  • “Statistics (The Easier Way) with R: an informal text on applied statistics” by N.M. Radziwill ISBN13 – 9780996916059


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