Bachelor of Arts in Technology and Information Design at College Park (InfoDesign)

Tackle society’s grand challenges through a deep understanding of people, places, and communities and designing innovative technologies, experiences, and policies


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The Bachelor of Arts in Technology and Information Design (InfoDesign) teaches students to frame important problems at the intersection of people and information; to design solutions for those problems; and to realize, deploy and iterate on those solutions.

InfoDesign supports students in their efforts to use technology in the service of the greater good; to apply and expand their creativity; to develop a start-up mentality (in which they must try solutions and fail first in order to succeed), and to engage in rapid development and prototyping grounded by rapid evaluation and assessment. Students participate in hands-on studio and laboratory classes in user-centered design, technology development, problem-solving and cross-disciplinary communication. Graduates may become designers, planners, technology consultants, project managers, and entrepreneurs, in such wide-ranging fields as user experience, mobile development, healthcare, law, entertainment, policy, smart-city development, libraries, and archives.

This innovative curriculum blends theory, practical skills, and hands-on learning with industry professionals, preparing our graduates to apply their skills directly and immediately in their careers. Our students work on projects with the UMD INFO College’s 400+ top industry partners and have opportunities for hands-on learning at the college’s world-renowned research centers and labs.


Diverse Students Walking Together on CampusThe UMD INFO College, with a history of activism and a continued mission to support social good, is a supportive and diverse community of 150 faculty and staff members and 2500+ students. Our students come to us from 63 countries with 30% from underrepresented groups and 45% female. Visit our Academics home page to learn more about UMD INFO College diversity and student life.

InfoSci College Park courses are offered as a combination of in-person and online. However, if there are social distancing restrictions, all courses will be offered in appropriate spaces or online.


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