Internships to Increase Public Access to Archival Resources in National Capital Region Parks

The National Park Service (NPS) would like to develop an internship with the College of Information Studies at the University of Maryland, with help from Digital Curation Innovation Center, to provide opportunities for students to learn about existing archival resources, as well as though that are generated through the development of baseline documents, National Register nominations and updates, and other resource management activities. Archives represent approximately 60% of the museum collections in the National Capital Region (NCR). These collections include materials in all media and formats, including digital. In AY 2017-18, student Interns will assist NCR to develop and implement a strategy to locate, identify, and survey archival records throughout NCR parks, and assist in the development of park-and collection-specific plans for processing collections and making them accessible through digitization and other means. The project would support the development and creation of baseline documentation of archival records throughout NCR. Records are currently stored in basements, attics, storage rooms, boxes, desk drawers, and libraries where there is little control and organization and often in acidic boxes. There is a lack of control accountability, and accessibility to the larger public.

August 2016 - December 2021

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