Data Analytics to Support Innovation Communities

Dr. Susan Winter will serve as Co-Primary Investigator and is the lead sociotechnical information scientist on the University of Maryland team. She will work with Andrew Fellows (senior personnel) as well as representatives from the Prince George’s County Memorial Library System, the Prince George’s County Chamber of Commerce, Prince George’s County Economic Development Corporation, and the Maryland Small Business Development Center. Researchers at both KSU and UMD will identify and assess the needs of small businesses for business information and data analysis. This will be accomplished through engagement efforts with public libraries, Small Business Development Centers, Chambers of Commerce, and economic development agencies. The research team will conduct interviews and focus groups, working closely with the stakeholders to identify and define community members’ needs and concerns that can be addressed through access to business intelligence services. Based on the needs assessment, researchers will define the needed business intelligence products and services and identify the most effective and efficient methods to deploy these products to the local community. They will also partner with community agencies to evaluate the effectiveness of the programs.

October 2017 - September 2020

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Kent State University

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