10/23/2020Mia K. Hinckle

As a leader in the development of and advocacy for accessible information technology, systems, and research – the UMD iSchool is represented broadly in this year’s event.

10/20/2020Hayleigh Moore

Examining how health and fitness data tracking tools can help athletes learn about data literacy, inspire STEM pursuits, and simultaneously train for their next game.

10/15/2020Claudia Sanchez

Tyler was especially drawn to the HiLS program after learning about the professional experiences offered in tandem with his academics and the immense network of alumni in archival roles across the…

10/07/2020Hayleigh Moore

As part of PG County's Vision Zero project, the dashboard will help to eliminate traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2040.

10/02/2020iSchool News

To bring your district together online, Jen Golbeck suggests creating a safe space, setting guidelines and rules, gaining participation, and making it accessible and equitable. 

09/29/2020Maria Herd

Dr. Frias-Martinez and team are to build an app for Baltimore residents to contribute their ideas and travel data, a public dashboard to view and discuss the data, and a simulator to test the…

09/25/2020iSchool News

Research experts from the UMD iSchool and School of Nursing discuss the use of and access to technology among older adults.

09/24/2020Press Release

Choe, Kacorri, and A. Lazar aim to examine how older adults can personalize activity trackers through teachable interfaces to capture meaningful daily activities.

09/22/2020iSchool News

Melekte is working with the iSchool Deans to develop solutions to combat the financial repercussions of the COVID-19 pandemic.