02/09/2021iSchool News

Creating tools to combat clickbait online.

02/01/2021Caro Williams-Pierce

Whether you design physical objects, digital experiences, or classroom curricula, your design is a contract with the users.

01/22/2021iSchool News

Working to improve public transit, Dr. Vanessa Frias-Martinez is using a combination of cloud computing and AI.

01/19/2021Claudia Sanchez

Preeti advises those interested in data analytics to be prepared to consistently practice solving problem statements and to take advantage of the plethora of readily available datasets online.…

12/09/2020iSchool News

Dr. Jessica Vitak explains why Americans have been hesitant to use COVID-19 contact tracing smartphone tools. 

11/20/2020iSchool News

Dr. Jen Golbeck explains why Benford's Law cannot be used to identify voter fraud in the 2020 election. 

11/19/2020Press Release

Data shared by 30M+ Facebook users world-wide will enable earlier detection of COVID-19 outbreaks, help communities to prepare, inform policymakers, and reveal patterns in effective preventative…

11/16/2020Jessica Vitak

UMD iSchool's Dr. Jessica Vitak discusses the college's robust participation in the ACM's prestigious CSCW 2020 Conference.

11/13/2020iSchool News

As chair of the board, University of Maryland iSchool MLS alumna Mary Hastler will continue Maryland Humanities' racial equity work.