(Video) SODA Symposium: Evolving a Data Enterprise to Support Relevant, Timely, and Equitable Statistical Products

Logan Delavan-Hoover - January 30, 2024

Census chief scientist speaks on shifting priorities in federal data processing

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Chief Scientist and Associate Director of the U.S. Census Bureau Sallie Ann Keller gave a virtual presentation on Jan. 17 about new approaches to developing statistical products at the U.S. Census Bureau. 

Official statistics are entering a new phase, driven by an increasing demand for more detailed, accurate, and frequently updated information. Advances in data science and new data sources are enabling statisticians to fulfill these needs more effectively. Keller discussed how the Census Bureau is adapting by integrating various data sources to modernize and enhance their enterprise. The new effort to modernize statistical infrastructure is called a “statistical product first approach.” 

In describing the shift, Keller said, “Rather than continually asking stakeholders, what data do you need, we need to instead be asking our stakeholders–our users–what information do they need to answer their questions, to reach their objectives?”

This new approach supports a more collaborative development of statistical products and makes them accessible to users with different levels of expertise. 

Watch the full video here.