(Video) OTTRS Speaker Series: The X-Culture Global Research Platform

Logan Delavan-Hoover - March 8, 2024

International business professor shares insights about a crowdsourcing platform for business challenges, talent recruitment, and cultural education

OTTRS Speaker Series

Vas Taras, Professor of International Business at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and the founder of X-Culture, gave a talk on Feb. 23 about the founding and uses of X-Culture.

X-Culture began as an association of international business professors from around the world who collaborated to form teams made up of students from every continent. It has grown to a crowdsourcing platform for business challenges for students. It also serves as a platform for talent recruitment, as well as cultural education for students and employees. 

“In Greensboro, I found myself in a difficult situation, where I would be standing in front of a classroom and telling my students that doing business with Ukranians is different than doing business with Americans.” Vas Tars said. “They would be looking at me and not quite understanding what I’m trying to say. It’s not that they don’t believe me, it’s more the same feeling as trying to teach someone how to swim on a football field. Unless you get in the water, you’re not going to be able to learn how to swim.”

Watch the full video here.