(Video) OTTRS Speaker Series: Gamification for Team Science and Human-AI Teaming

Logan Delavan-Hoover - April 9, 2024

AI researcher speaks on teamwork with autonomous systems

OTTRS Speaker Series

Josh Strauss, a doctoral candidate in the University of Maryland’s Social, Decision, and Organizational Science program through the Psychology Department, gave a talk on March 15 about the effect of a gamified task platform on team behavior and coordination.

Strauss used dynamic distributed decisionmaking software to create a cooperative video game that enabled him to measure team culture by coding aspects of team behavior during the game. He also had people play a game in a team with both other humans and AI players. 

“Do team members trust AI more or less depending on reciprocity and predictability, which are both things the literature says underlie trust-forming in human teams?” Strauss asked.

 Watch the full video here.