(Video) engAGED: Considering Technology and Access for Older Adults Discussion

iSchool News - September 25, 2020

Research experts from the UMD iSchool and School of Nursing discuss the use of and access to technology among older adults.

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Computers and smartphones have become important tools for everyday life, and the use of this technology continues to rise among those of all ages. However, there are still a significant number of older adults who either do not use this technology or who do not have access to the Internet. Is it by choice or circumstance? This is quite startling especially when you take into account the Covid-19 pandemic and how important online connectivity has become.

On September 23, the UMD iSchool hosted a discussion on the use of and access to technology among older adults with research experts from the University of Maryland’s iSchool and the School of Nursing.

The discussion was moderated by Dr. Jen Golbeck, and panel members included iSchool’s Dr. Amanda Lazar and Dr. Galina Madjaroff Reitz, and UMSON’s Dr. Eun-Shim Nahm.

Watch the panel discussion here: