(Video) CAFe presents: The Ambivalences of the Unfixed

Logan Delavan-Hoover - March 22, 2024

U-Arizona professor speaks on archival theory

On March 6, Jamie A. Lee, associate professor of Digital Culture, Information, and Society at the University of Arizona, gave a talk about personhood and notions of fixity through the lens of queer archival theory.

“Complex personhood resists stereotypes,” Lee said. “Even personhood itself is expansive enough to be necessarily open to the infinite temporality of people’s identities. Personhood is not situated in limited temporality, like, for example, childhood and adulthood. Personhood provides a pathway to understand that no singular identity among a person’s multiple and intersecting identities fits nicely into a definable closed box or standardized archival description.”

This event was hosted by the University of Maryland (UMD) Center for Archival Futures (CAFe).

Watch the full video: