(Video) OTTRS Speaker Series: Human-Machine Teaming: What Skills Do the Humans Need?

UMD INFO Staff - April 7, 2023

The presentation highlights the human traits and abilities that maximize human-machine teaming effectiveness.

Photo of Samantha Dubrow

Dr. Samantha Dubrow

In the ever-evolving world of intelligent technology, the focus has often been on machines and their capabilities. However, a March 17 presentation emphasized the importance of selecting and training humans as effective teammates in human-machine collaborations. The discussion highlighted the need to identify unique skills that facilitate seamless interactions between humans and machines, while differentiating them from skills required for human-to-human interactions. This approach aims to maximize the effectiveness of human-machine team dynamics.

Samantha Dubrow is a lead human-centered engineering researcher at The MITRE Corporation. At MITRE, Dubrow conducts applied research and development in industrial-organizational psychology, teamwork and leadership, hybrid teaming, decision-making, human factors, user experience, human-machine teaming, and multiteam system collaboration management. She helps teams and multiteam systems across a variety of government agencies utilize technology to improve their teamwork processes and job performance. Dubrow holds a PhD in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from George Mason University under Dr. Stephen Zaccaro. Her dissertation focused on team mental models and leadership transitions in ad hoc decision-making teams. During graduate school, Dubrow was also involved with projects regarding multidisciplinary teams, multiteam systems, team leadership, simulation and training, and social network analysis.

Watch a recording of the presentation here: