KFF Health News: What the Health? (ft. Jen Golbeck)

INFO Staff - January 26, 2024

INFO Professor Jen Golbeck discusses new book

Two sitting dogs

Image by Claudia Borchert from Pixabay

INFO Professor Jen Golbeck appeared on KFF Health News’ podcast, “What the Health?” to discuss her book “The Purest Bond” and her research on tracking hate speech and extremism online. Golbeck shared her social media corner, which is dedicated to her rescue golden retrievers. She uses it as an escape from online negativity, stating, “It was as much therapy for me as anything else.” While acknowledging the negative impacts of social media, she emphasized the crucial role of online communities in providing support and connections.

Golbeck provided insights into her rescue efforts for older and sick golden retrievers, expressing the rewarding experience of offering them love and care. The conversation explored the bond between humans and dogs, with Golbeck merging scientific studies with practical advice for pet owners. She said, “We try to work a little bit of tips in there, along with a lot of science and then stories from people who have really seen those benefits in their everyday relationship with their dogs.”

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The original podcast, hosted by Julie Rovner, was posted to KFF Health News on December 14, 2023