FOX5: Amazon’s ‘just walk out’ technology

iSchool News Staff - April 7, 2022

iSchool Associate Professor Dr. Jessica Vitak shares her views on the data and privacy concerns surrounding Amazon’s new shopping technology.

A smart shopping cart being used at an Amazon Just Walk Out location

Dr. Jessica Vitak interviewed with FOX5 News to explain what consumers should know about Amazon’s new store technology, Just Walk Out. Integrating deep learning techniques, and several surveillance cameras and sensors, this process allows customers to use an app to pay and walk out without stopping at the register. 

Vitak said the bigger picture here is around the amount of data that Amazon is collecting during this process, and essentially “an end to any semblance of anonymous shopping.” While the most obvious use of this data is to make purchases without having to interact with others, Vitak raised concerns about how Amazon will use this data in the future, citing the potential for health insurance companies to deny coverage based on this data. 

Watch the full FOX5 interview here.