GEM Industry Expert Speaker Series: Data Utility in Video Games: How Respawn Uses Data – 10 Seasons of Apex Legends

Event Start Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2021 - 12:00 pm

Event End Date: Wednesday, December 8, 2021 - 1:00 pm

Location: Virtual

GEM Speaker Series

Speaker: Emre Ruhi, Senior Business & Gameplay Analyst

Respawn has a lot of data. And game developers require the ability to manage, process, and analyze massive data volumes to both report metrics like pick rate, win rate, and encounter win rate to influence the game design as well as support algorithms for optimizing gameplay actions (such as matchmaking) in real-time to ensure a desirable customer experience.

In this webinar, Senior Business & Gameplay Analyst Emre Ruhi discusses 10 ways that Respawn uses data for game design, balance, and influencing new ideas to games like Apex Legends. Emre will discuss the different challenges of managing and analyzing big data, the different types of analytics that Respawn does, and opportunities for data analysts and data scientists in the video game industry.

Emre Ruhi is an analytics/data science lead at Respawn Entertainment in Los Angeles. Emre began his journey building video game start-ops while completing an MBA from Georgetown University in Washington DC in 2018. At that point, Emre joined Blizzard Entertainment, working all franchises except Diablo. In early 2020, Emre joined Respawn to spearhead the data item. Emre has two developer credits for World of Warcraft & Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order and spends most of his time working on Apex Legends.

The GEM (Game, Entertainment, and Media) Analytics Industry Expert Series invites practitioners and experts from the entertainment industries to share their experiences, ideas, and best practices in information use and analysis. These guests will demonstrate how their organizations use data analytics to solve interesting challenges associated with customer/player user research, operational and business metrics, application/game design, ethical data use, data privacy protection, as well as other opportunities.

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