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From archivists to librarians, web developers to information architects, our iSchool alumni succeed as information professionals in every field imaginable. Take a moment to read these interesting stories about your fellow iSchool Terps!


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The alumni of the UMD iSchool have been shaping the interaction between people and information. Today our alumni are engaged with the iSchool like never before.

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Alumni Spotlight: How iSchool Alumnus Helps Businesses Innovate and Adapt Using Transformational Tech – Brandon Turp BSIS ‘18

The desire to help modernize businesses’ infrastructure by implementing the next generation of disruptive technologies led Brandon to pursue hi …

photo of Solace “Lacey” Arevalo-Sabado in front of a Google building

Alumni Spotlight: A Visionary in the Valley: An Alumna’s Journey to the Globe’s Center for Tech Innovation – Solace "Lacey" Arevalo-Sabado, HCIM ‘19

Solace “Lacey” Arevalo-Sabado, HCIM’19, held an unflinching dream to make a name for herself in arguably the nation’s most recognized tec …

Headshot of Preeti Lakhole

Alumni Spotlight: A Dream Pursued, A Dream Fulfilled – Preeti Lakhole, MIM 2015

Preeti advises those interested in data analytics to be prepared to consistently practice solving problem statements and to take advantage of the …

Alumni Spotlight: Alumna Praises iSchool as the Heart of Nation’s Archival World – Ann Abney, MLS ‘16

Ann currently works as the Special Projects Archivist for the South Carolina Political Collections (SCPC) at the University of South Carolina whe …

man with face mask on and gloves holding a discolored newspaper

Alumni Spotlight: UMD iSchool Alum and Archivist Helps to Write the “Final Drafts of History” – Tyler Stump, HiLS 2015

Tyler was especially drawn to the HiLS program after learning about the professional experiences offered in tandem with his academics and the imm …

headshot of Joyce Garczynski

Alumni Spotlight: iSchool Lays the Foundation for Alumna’s Career in Academic Librarianship – Joyce Garczynski MLS ‘09

The foundation for Joyce Garczynski’s, MLS ’09, career in librarianship was built from her experience in the Master of Library Science (MLS) …

photo of Glennor Shirley smiling

Alumni Spotlight: Making a Difference as a Prison Librarian – Glennor Shirley, MLS ‘93

In her home country of Jamaica, Glennor Shirley, MLS ’93, first discovered her adoration for librarianship while working as a bookmobile librar …

photo of Donna Mignardi at a park

Alumni Spotlight: iSchool Alumna Awarded Maryland School Librarian of the Year 2020 – Donna Mignardi MLS ’99

The UMD iSchool helped to instill in Donna that all information is valuable and one must continue to grow and learn.

headshot of Jocelyn McNamara

Alumni Spotlight: Becoming a Leader in Library and Information Science – Jocelyn McNamara MLS 2016

After many years working as a chef and artist, Jocelyn McNamara, MLS ‘16, was inspired by her love of literature, and a drive to work in leader …