Academic Minors

These two exciting academic minors are offered at the Shady Grove Campus for UMD undergraduate students.

The Information Risk Management, Ethics, and Privacy Minor

The 5-course (15 credits) undergraduate minor in Risk Management, Ethics, and Privacy is designed to prepare students to evaluate major information and big data privacy and security issues that businesses and individuals are faced with. The curriculum will examine risks companies face while collecting, storing, and managing information and their existing customers’ and stakeholders’ data. The coursework will focus on practical strategies to mitigate risks and explore the ways emerging technologies benefit in the context of risk management, ethics, and privacy.

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Information Risk Management, Ethics, and Privacy

Students will be prepared for entry-level positions such as:

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, information security and information assurance are among the top 15 fastest-growing occupations, with a growth rate (2016-29) of 31% and ranks sixth in terms of median pay (over $92,000).

  • Human-Centered Cybersecurity (3 credits)
  • Privacy, Security and Ethics for Big Data (3 credits)
  • Risk Management Leadership in the Information Age (3 credits)
  • Information Assurance & Compliance (3 credits)
  • Emerging Technologies and Risk Management (3 credits)

The Technology Innovation Leadership Minor

Technology Innovation Leadership

The 5-course (15 credits) undergraduate minor in Technology Innovation Leadership prepares students to effectively create and navigate a climate of technological innovation within an organization or team. By combining creative leadership, design thinking, and understanding socio-technical challenges, students will tackle large-scale problems relating to technology innovation. Innovative thinking approaches incorporated into the curriculum will allow students to create new ideas and energy and solve socio-technical challenges through leadership experiences. The coursework will examine the different ways leaders and social entrepreneurs strategically use innovative technologies and information to solve social, cultural, and environmental problems.

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Technology innovations create opportunities for companies and organizations in a variety of industries; therefore, students will be able to apply skills in many different business domains. Students who have completed this minor will have the expertise to support the mission and vision of innovative technology companies and will be in demand to join organizations that create economic and social value. Students will be prepared for entry-level positions such as:

  • Fundamentals of Technology Innovation (3 credits)
  • Leading and Sustaining a Culture of Innovation (3 credits)
  • Lean Tech Startup (3 credits)
  • Project Management (3 credits)
  • The Technology Socialpreneur (3 credits)

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