Yahoo Finance: Generative AI Will Create a ‘Tsunami of Disinformation’ During the 2024 Election (ft. Jen Golbeck)

INFO Staff - January 26, 2024

INFO Professor Jen Golbeck comments on AI election disinformation

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In a recent Yahoo Finance article, INFO Professor Jen Golbeck expressed concerns about the potential surge in disinformation and misinformation campaigns during the upcoming 2024 U.S. presidential election due to the widespread use of generative AI technologies. She highlighted the risk of malicious actors using generative AI services to manipulate text, images, and videos, causing discord among voters and undermining trust in news sources. The article also discussed instances of generative AI being used to create fake political images and videos, contributing to the growing concern about the erosion of trust in legitimate information sources.

Golbeck notes, “It absolutely is going to be wild. They’re going to see this glut of shared-in-bad-faith content from people on social media and just kind of throw their hands up and be like, ‘It’s all a mess. I don’t even know.’ And then entirely disengage from the really important issues that are going on… The really concerning part for me is this middle space of people who aren’t super news wonks, that aren’t deeply invested in politics, that just want to get their information in an easy way, and are on social media and are seeing all of this stuff.”

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The original article, written by Daniel Howley, was published November 15, 2023.