(Video) Privacy Week SoDa Special Event: Challenges, Strategies, and Emerging Issues: Hearing from Privacy Stakeholders

Logan Delavan-Hoover - February 15, 2024

Privacy experts speak on national data efforts

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On January 24, privacy experts from the US and Europe spoke at a special SoDa event for privacy week. This talk was moderated by INFO professor Jessica Vitak and chiefly examined the Transatlantic Privacy Perceptions (TAPP) project.

Olga Kononikina, from the University of Munich, spoke about a new initiative to more freely share data from TAPP surveys, and invited researchers to use the data in order to further the privacy movement. INFO professors Katie Shilton and Min Cheong Kim shared their analysis of TAPP interviews with privacy experts and stakeholders in the US and EU, which contained cautious optimism on the current trend of privacy legislation on the state and local level in the US, and emphasized current government action in the EU. Georgetown Law professor Paul Ohm gave comments on the effects of AI on the questions of privacy and big data. 

“Our goal is not only detached and neutral dispatchment observation, but also playbook production. How could they use the infrastructural term to be better advocates?” Ohm said.

Visit the TAPP website to learn more.

Watch the full video here.