The Discussion Section podcast: Data Ethics for Researchers, IRBs, and Journal Reviewers (ft. Jessica Vitak and Katie Shilton)

INFO Staff - February 28, 2023

INFO professors speak about their NSF-funded research on how to regulate data.

Photo with head shots of Jessica Vitak and Katie Shilton side-by-side

College of Information Studies (INFO) Associate Professor Katie Shilton and Associate Professor Jessica Vitak spoke on The Discussion Section podcast about their NSF- funded, multi-institutional research on how to regulate the data shared from social media data sharing. They tackle issues such as informed consent, data ownership, and publishing sensitive data, and provide guidelines for ethical data collection and use. They also emphasize the importance of considering the social, cultural, and political implications of research and data practices. Overall, they highlight the need for researchers, IRBs, and journal reviewers to approach data ethics with intentionality, reflexivity, and sensitivity to the ethical implications of their work.

Listen to the podcast episode here. Interviewed by Nicole Ellison recorded on February 28, 2023 by the Journal of Computer Mediated Communication.