Student Archivists at Maryland – Call for New Student Members!

Karina Kletscher, UMD iSchool MLIS Student - June 12, 2020

This is a momentous year for SAM as we are turning 25!

group of people around a table with markers and paper on it

What is SAM?
Student Archivists at Maryland (SAM) is the UMD student chapter of the Society of American Archivists. We provide a forum for students to discuss archival issues, to explore the roles and responsibilities of the profession, and to engage with each other and working professionals.

This is a momentous year for SAM as we are turning 25! In 1992, archives students met to gauge interest in creating a student organization that would also align with the Society of American Archivists. Initial ideas also included a student conference for emerging professionals to share student perspectives on archival issues and trends. After three years of organizing, SAM was officially recognized and inducted as a student organization in 1995. While SAM has evolved over the past decades, particularly regarding the conference now known as Beyond Americana, the core purpose has remained the same: to create a space outside of coursework for students to engage with like-minded peers and active professionals.

What does SAM do?
SAM hosts monthly meetings in the iSchool’s Graduate Student Lounge where we discuss classes, field studies, upcoming opportunities, current archival news, and general student life. These meetings are open to anyone with an interest in archives or any related aspects of library and information studies and cultural heritage work.

In addition, SAM hosts a variety of fun professional development events such as guest speakers, career panels, skills workshops, and tours at local institutions. Some of our most recent events have included a day at the Library of Congress in both the Manuscripts and Prints & Photographs Divisions, a private tour of the ‘Inspired! Jim Henson at Maryland’ exhibit at the Michelle Smith Performing Arts Library, and a scanathon at the Innovation Hub at the National Archives. The National Archives included SAM’s involvement with digitizing the Buffalo Soldier Pensions records on their blog.

people standing around a room with a table in the center with books and paper on itHow do I join SAM or follow opportunities? 
SAM is open to all students who are interested in archives – we would love for you to join us. Per our parent organization, the Society of American Archives, official membership requires $5 dues. 100% of our dues and other fundraising directly support SAM events and opportunities, including meeting snacks(!). If you are local, swing by one of our monthly meetings or join us for the Beyond Americana symposium on April 15th.

We promote all of our meetings and events through the MLIS Listserv, our Facebook page, and Terp Link, UMD’s student organization portal. Official membership must be submitted through Terp Link (per university policy) but we try to share as much information, including archives-specific scholarship information and opportunities, through the MLIS Listserv and Facebook.

Our inbox is always open if you have questions about the organization or want to grab coffee and share experiences, please feel free to shoot us an email at studentarchivists[at]