NPR: TikTok creator makes the recipes she finds on gravestones

UMD iSchool Staff - January 28, 2022

Journalist Scott Simon talks with iSchool graduate student Rosie Grant about the food she's cooked from recipes found on gravestones.

NPR Weekend Edition

Scott Simon from the NPR Weekend Edition podcast interviewed MLIS student, Rosie Grant, about the food she’s cooked from recipes found on gravestones and uploaded to her TikTok channel, @ghostlyarchive. Simon and Grant discussed this unique connection to the living in the afterlife and the community of fellow TikTokers who have recreated these recipes.

Grant had launched an exhibition page on Google Arts & Culture as part of a summer internship with the Congressional Cemetery in Washington, D.C, featuring a number of their more famous residents and gravestones. She began creating videos for her TikTok channel, which has garnered over 50,000 followers, documenting the internship and some of the more unique, unexpected discoveries made while exploring the Cemetery’s hundreds of gravestones.

Listen to the full episode here, published January 22, 2022 by NPR Weekend Edition Saturday.