Meet Susannah Paletz, UMD iSchool Research Professor

iSchoolNews - July 17, 2019

Meet Susannah Paletz, UMD iSchool Research Professor

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headshot of Susannah PaletzSusannah Paletz
Research Professor

​Susannah joined the iSchool team just this past spring. She is a research psychologist with a PhD in Social/Personality Psychology from Berkeley and a robust history of working at the University of Pittsburgh, UMD, and NASA – where she joined their HCI team. She loves the iSchool’s multidisciplinary nature, from our internal strategic planning retreats to research that spans disciplines. At the iSchool, she is investigating the intersections of teamwork, creativity, and culture. She is actively involved in the UMD Applied Research Laboratory for Intelligence and Security (ARLIS), where she is looking at the role of emotions and narratives on social media sharing in Poland and Lithuania, and how group dynamics can provide clues for future threats. In future work, she plans to look at issues surrounding AI and human teamwork. Susannah also enjoys teaching a Teams and Organizations course. In addition to her research and teaching, you can find Susannah enjoying tabletop roleplaying games with friends, her recently adopted kittens, and her family.