(Video) OTTRS Speaker Series : A Multilevel Approach to Heterogeneous Human-Agent Team Trust Dynamics

Logan Delavan-Hoover - February 20, 2024

AI researcher speaks on teamwork with autonomous systems


Daniel Nguyen, an artificial intelligence (AI) researcher from the Florida Institute of Technology, gave a virtual talk on Jan. 26 about strategies for improved teamwork between humans and AI.

Human-agent teaming is the interaction between humans and a non-human agent that is able to make decisions independently in order to complete a common goal. Nguyen’s project, funded by the Air Force Office of Scientific Research, seeks to establish better theoretical frameworks for trust in complex human-agent teams. The framework addresses establishment, violation, and repair of trust at the team, subgroup, and individual level, for teams of several size categories.

“We’re in the fourth industrial revolution,” Nguyen said. “As AI is becoming all the buzz right now, the idea is becoming a lot more that, instead of being like tools we use, these intelligent systems are becoming more like teammates.”

Watch the full video here.