Journal of Gerontological Nursing: Emerging Smart Home Technologies to Facilitate Engaging With Aging (featuring Amanda Lazar)

iSchool News - March 5, 2020

Older adults using smart home technology on a tablet

Engaging with aging (EWA), the ongoing process of an individual to identify resources and implement adaptive strategies to maximize quality of life, may be enhanced by advances in information technology and adaptive upgrades to the built environment. Smart home technologies (SmHT) introduce passive monitoring features into the residential infrastructure to promote older adults’ ability to manage day-to-day living and age in place.

Published by Dr. Amanda Lazar, assistant professor at the University of Maryland College of Information Studies, and faculty from the University of California Davis, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Washington School of Nursing, this article provides an overview of current and emerging SmHT and discusses opportunities to leverage this technology for enhancing the capacity of older adults to engage with their own aging. There are opportunities to create smart homes that enhance physical and cognitive capacity for older adults, but there are also ethical and practical challenges that will inform the design of future smart home systems.

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