The Fourth Thursday: “Urban Renewal Impact” in Asheville

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UMD iSchool Professor Richard Marciano makes the urban renewal archival records of black-owned properties in Asheville accessible. 

“Urban Renewal Impact” in Asheville
(Image courtesy of AICollaboratory)

The Advanced Information Collaboratory article "The Fourth Thursday: “Urban Renewal Impact” in Asheville" written by Robert Parker discusses a new website and big-data archival interface launched in Asheville, NC.

University of Maryland College of Information Studies (UMD iSchool) Professor Richard Marciano and George Mason University's Dr. Myeong Lee created the digital interface, “Remapping Southside Community," making the urban renewal archival records of the acquisitions of black-owned properties in Asheville accessible. 

This new interface will “encourage and foster new observations and discussions” as well as "provide a broad new perspective on the city’s history as it relates to urban renewal.”

Read the full article here.

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