Dr. Charles Harry Talks About Managing Cyber Risks on The Scientific Sense Podcast

Mia K. Hinckle - September 11, 2020

Looking at a systems approach to quantifying, prioritizing, and managing risk in critical infrastructure.

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Dr. Charles Harry, associate research professor in the UMD College of Information Studies, talks about a systems approach to cyber risk in critical infrastructure on the Scientific Sense Podcast, August 29, 2020 edition. Scientific Sense is a daily podcast focused on Science and Economics. On the podcast, the world’s leading academics discuss their research and share emerging ideas in a variety of domains.

In the interview, Dr. Harry examines human and technical cyber risks, prioritizing strategic risks, effect-centric approach to risk in nuclear power plants, and a systems approach to quantifying and managing risk in critical infrastructure.

Dr. Harry is also the director of operations at the Maryland Global Initiative in Cybersecurity and a senior research associate at the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland in the School of Public Policy. He is also part of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Cyber Advisory Panel, has regularly appeared before congressional committees to provide testimony, and is an active consultant to a wide range of public and private organizations. Prior to joining UMD as faculty, Dr. Harry grew and led a $35 million cybersecurity consulting organization and had a 14-year career with the National Security Agency.

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