AP News: Meta’s Enforcement of Manipulated Media Policies (ft. Jen Golbeck)

INFO Staff - February 16, 2024

INFO Professor Jen Golbeck comments on online misinformation

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In a recent article in the Associated Press, University of Maryland College of Information (INFO) Professor Jen Golbeck commented on a recent controversy regarding Meta’s handling of misinformation. Meta’s oversight board expressed concerns regarding the inconsistent application of Meta’s own policies on misinformation, especially in an election year and as AI has lowered the technical barrier to creating deepfakes. Meta declined to take down a manipulated video of President Biden because the alteration was not made using artificial intelligence. Golbeck noted the importance of consistent enforcement of these policies, and Meta’s potential role as an industry leader in dealing with manipulated content due to its size. 

“Will they implement those changes and then enforce them in the face of political pressure from the people who want to do bad things? That’s the real question,” she said. “If they do make those changes and don’t enforce them, it kind of further contributes to this destruction of trust that comes with misinformation.”

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The original article, written by Ali Swenson, was published February 5, 2024 by the Associated Press.