3 UMD iSchool Faculty Members are Among Top 10 Contributors to Public Library Scholarship This Decade


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Photos of Paul Jaeger, John Bertot, and Ursula Gorham

Three University of Maryland College of Information Studies (UMD iSchool) faculty members are among the top 10 most prolific contributors to public library scholarship worldwide this decade (2010s).

#1 Dr. Paul T. Jaeger

#3 Dr. John Carlo Bertot

#9 Dr. Ursula Gorham­­

The study, published by the Public Library Quarterly, looks at journal-based public library research literature. It looks at publications that span the domain of public library research – including the public services provided by the library to its range of users, the technical and behind-the-scenes services provided by the library, managing and maintaining the physical plant and related infrastructure, managing and developing staff and budgets, working with local and national policymakers, and implementing and enforcing policy, law, ethics, and best practices, in addition to the history of specific public library facilities, public libraries in general, and factors affecting them.

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