Ron Yaros

Ron Yaros

Affiliate Faculty
2100M Knight


B.A. University of Wisconsin
M.A. Webster University
Ph.D. University of Wisconsin


Ronald Yaros is Merrill College’s Director of Ph.D. Studies, an Affiliate Associate Professor in UMD’s College of Information Studies, a Tow-Knight Disruptive Educator for Journalism Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and an Apple Distinguished Educator. Since 2008, his teaching and research has focused on how, when and why the next generation of news consumers seek, select and share digital information. As technology continues to rapidly change, it has become increasingly difficult for producers of online and mobile information to engage consumers who have multiple devices and unlimited sources for instant information. His emerging “Digital Cognition Model” proposes new theory and strategies to simultaneously attract and engage different types of users who have the time and interest to either seek, search or read information.

Research Areas

H designs and tests new strategies to simultaneously reach different types of digital users that scan, search or read content. This requires new ways to produce information as today’s high school students become tomorrow’s news consumers. I am also interested in how non-experts process important but complex news issues about science and health. I apply the principles and theory of cognitive psychology to journalism to build my evolving “Digital Cognition Model” for more personalized, interactive and coherent content with minimal “kick-outs” (things that terminate interest in content). The model also accounts for the time a user has to consume information and his or her interest in specific topics.


  • Digital storytelling structures
  • Mobile journalism techniques
  • Info Graphics
  • Reporting/anchoring for television and radio
  • Science and health journalism
  • Research methods (Quantitative and Qualitative)
  • Blended, online and mobile teaching and learning