(Video) Dean’s Lecture Series: Scott Nash of MOM’s Organic Market

Logan Delavan-Hoover - April 3, 2024

CEO shares lessons on entrepreneurship

Scott Nash, MOMs CEO

As part of the Dean’s Lecture Series, Scott Nash, founder and CEO of MOM’s Organic Market, gave a talk on March 5 about social entrepreneurship and the story of his company’s founding.

Nash began MOM’s Organic Market in 1987, at the age of 22, as a home delivery service for organic produce out of his mom’s garage. It has since grown into a major nationwide chain of grocery stores, with a focus on environmentalism and sustainability. Nash shared the details of his early entrepreneurial journey as an example to inspire today’s young entrepreneurs. 

“I wasn’t a good employee because I didn’t like authority. I think this is a trait that a lot of entrepreneurs have. We don’t love rules; we don’t love being told what to do,” Nash said. 

“I think another trait entrepreneurs have is that we’re big people pleasers. And a trait people seem to think entrepreneurs have is that we’re big risk takers. That’s not true. I overanalyze and obsess over scenarios and the risk assessments.”

Watch the full video here. To view the Q&A portion of the event, click here.